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Sunday, July 13, 2014

NY Thrifting Round 2

On my second weekend in the Catskills I didn't hold out much hope for yard sales on a holiday weekend (4th of July) so I was surprised by a sale just down the road from where we are staying. My sister-in-law, Polly and I had only an hour to find the place and shop before we had to get back to attend an event at 10am. We were up for the task.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to find 2 sales instead for the one advertized. The house up the road decided to "piggyback" on the advertised sale. We were happy to shop at both.

The prices at the first sale were either priced high or low. So I went with the lower priced items; like this brass porthole mirror. It is very heavy, and not terribly large, approximately 18" in diameter. As you can see from the sticker, great price.


I know, I know, another child's life preserver! I can't stop! But again, like new condition, Coast Guard approved, it will come in handy down at the beach. And again, the price was right.

Life preserver: $3

Polly found a few items at the first sale as well and then we jumped back in the car to the 2nd sale. Which was a very long drive from the first one. The house and property was set waaaay off the driveway and then on to the big lean to where the sale was set up.
There was one great big table set up with just tools and equipment. I looked through it all but don't know much about value or condition so I moved on to the next area

Tool table!

which was under the lean to. Pretty big, isn't it?!! Lots of stuff, and I was surprised to learn they had been selling the day before as well so no telling how much stuff I missed! However most of what they had I couldn't use or had room for. But Polly and I used every moment of our allotted time to scan thoroughly the goods.

I picked up this box of vintage ornaments. I have a friend who likes vintage Christmas things and I'll let her go through and pick what she likes. I myself am partial to the indented ones and I especially the pink and green ones.


Box of ornaments: $2

Don't ask why I bought a bolt cutter. Just don't. Maybe it was one tool I could identify and the $5 tag I knew was a good deal. Actually I needed to use one a couple of weeks ago to cut a key chain (long story, no, I'm not telling), and I will see if my nephew could use an extra one. If not, I'll try selling it. It's not exactly a tool that would be used much at my house.

Pre worked/completed cross stitch and crewel projects. Why did I buy these? I think I can sell on Ebay but not sure if they'll sell. But for 25 cents, I picked up them up and taking a chance. Maybe some crafty person out there can make a pillow or frame them. Nice work though.

Owls. I have a soft spot in my heart for owls. This stone carved figurine is medium size, approximately 6 inches tall. Rather hefty and could be used as a bookend. No marking on the bottom and I'll probably sell it unless a friend or family member has a spot in their home for an owl.

Wooo wants this owl? Paid $1

Those were my finds. Polly's finds include this old watering can for her sister's house and the box of books was only $5 for the whole thing! She kindly let me pick through and remove 5 easy readers for Hugh and the rest she'll send to her daughter Mary, the teacher in New Orleans I have sent books to as well.

Box of books: $5. Ironstone watering can: $3

She picked up some other treasures including a metal side table for the porch here at Merriewold. Needs a coat of paint to match the wicker furniture but it's a perfect size and comes in handy. It was I think $3.

We made it back in time at 10 am and I dropped Polly off at the door. I was happy to have another annual yard sale excursion with her. Wish we lived closer and could do it more often.

Steve and I have a couple more days left before we head back to NC. And yes, we will be here on Saturday so I am definitely checking out the lady who's having a moving sale I went to the first Saturday of our vacation. And then goodbye cool temps and woods. Back to the South, hot, humid, but the ice tea will be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, happy bargain hunting and picking'.

Thrifty Christy

Monday, July 7, 2014

Return to Dingle Daisy Road

Here are my gleeful gloats from the Catskills of NY. We are here on our annual summer vacation and managed to sneak in 3 weekends in a row. That means 3 yard sale excursions in one vacation! Oh Lord, how sweet it is! Last year was a washout with so much rain so I am relishing this time around. 

Below is a photo of our secluded mountain retreat near Forestburg, NY. Here we recharge our batteries surrounded by woods, peace and quiet. The wrap around screen porch is a little piece of heaven.

Home sweet home for 2 weeks

Steve and I headed to town (about 7 miles from the house) last Saturday to stock up on groceries with the understanding we would stop at any yard sale on the way. Lucky for me there were several. 

The first was a moving sale and though there wasn't much on display, the seller assured me there was more she would be bringing out the next couple of weeks. So I will definitely check her out this coming Saturday (she said she would skip 4th of July weekend).  I did come home with a new can of tennis balls (for my tennis playing relatives who will come after us) and the earrings. Total came to $1.75. 

Tennis balls new: 75 cents

The earrings were silver and I don't have any hooped ones so once I determined they were really sterling, I picked them up. Unfortunately in my cleaning endeavors, I accidentally broke the clip the stud locks into on one of them. Rats! They cleaned up so nicely too. I had to use toothpaste since there wasn't any silver polish here. The other pair I cleaned more gently and they too polished up well. These were marked 950 on the back which I believe means they were made in Mexico and the silver is 95% pure. I like them and will enjoy. The other pair if can't be repaired, will go into my pile of scrap sterling silver and sometime I'll see what I can get for it.

2 pairs of silver earrings: $1 total

And then the return to the Dingle Daisy Road yard sale! I saw the sign for a yard sale and crossed my fingers it would be the same location as the one I went visited back in the summer of  2011( )It was an interesting place then and I thought Steve would enjoy the experience of a real junker/treasure spot. 

Luck was with me. Indeed, the signs took us down the lonnnnng drive off Dingle Daisy Road and there I was, back to one of the most interesting yard sale places I have been.  I looked for the older gentleman who lived there and was sad to learn he passed away a couple of years ago. His son now owns the property and we talked a little bit about his dad. 

He told me some stories including the origin of the name of the street. His great, great grandfather's cow was named Daisy and her cow bell's tone was a light pitch. Daisy lived many years by the side of the road and at some point, it was officially named Dingle Daisy Road. And they kept the cow bell; it resides at the kitchen window. And that's the rest of the story!

What did I find there? Well, there was a lot of inventory, a lot of junk and treasures and I don't have that much room in the car for a lot of stuff for the return trip to Greenville, NC! So I kept it light. The condition of the vintage cake carrier was really nice. Just a couple of small dents. Since I am not a cake baker, I will sell this to someone who will appreciate it's age, beauty  and utilitarian function.

Vintage West Bend cake aluminum cake carrier: $5.

 Lord, I go from lamp shade addiction acquiring to vintage knives; at least I am going in a smaller size direction! These sharp beauties are like new and yes, they're sharp. I raised a few eyebrows when I said jokingly I was planning to build a throne with my collection. Next on the list: dragons! Ok, enough with the Game of Thrones remarks.

Vintage knives: $2

I spotted this little display plate (only 5" in diameter) depicting the little mermaid statue in the Copenhagen harbor, and I was drawn to it. Hoped it might be collectable but not really. There are lots on Ebay, similar with different renditions, but I like it and it will find a spot in the house for a while. 

Little Mermaid decorative plate: $1
I did tell you there was junk and treasures at this site and below are some photos I took while I looked around. 

I liked the form of this vintage metal chair but size is an issue and I didn't have room for it. Especially not in an Accord! Sigh. It was left behind.
Photo above is one side of the property.
These gnomes however were small enough to fit in my bag and they now grace the yard at the house in NY. I know the blue capped fellow with the pink polka dot shirt is a little of the charts in the "authentic" gnome world but he's our greeter at the front of the driveway. 

Both gnomes were $1 a piece

Those were all my purchases there. I took one more photo of a car there. According to the seller, he built it himself and it runs. And no, I didn't drive away in it!
Home made hot rod!

 We stopped at one more but there wasn't anything for us. Drove to town, bought our groceries and headed back to the house. But on the return trip I spotted 2 more sales! However, Steve pointed out we had ice cream in the trunk (darn that frozen concoction!) and we didn't stop. 

But....after putting away the goods, I jumped back in the car and went to them! Just a couple of miles away and I still made it back in time to take a dip in the lake. 

Mugs were 3 for $1. The "lucky cat" mug with matching lid (vintage; made in Japan) I will sell on Ebay. The Lou Gehrig/Cal Ripkin  mug I picked up because Steve was going to a Yankee's game Wednesday (Lou Gehrig bobble head day) and I thought he might like this. Apparently not so much. It will be donated to a thrift store. I'm keeping the pretty floral mug. I think it's lovely. And its a nice size too. Made in Japan and rimmed in gold. Just can't put in the microwave!

Mugs: $1 for all

I've been on the lookout for 45's. Friends of ours are having a 45 party and wanted some for decorations. I spotted a box of Lps on the ground and a bag of 45's were beside it. In direct sunlight. All were warped, no sleeves, nothing of value. But...perfect for decoration. I went through all of them and found 9 with fun titles. And of course I had to get the Giants glass for Steve. 

45's and glass: all for $3

In the pile of dvd's I picked these 3. I have never seen Lawrence of Arabia or the Magnificent 7. And we enjoy watching old Johnny Carson shows. So in the bag went these dvds

Dvd's $1 each. So far, I have watched the Magnificent Seven.

And the last yard sale on the way home I found a big pile of Magic Tree House books. The seller said 50cents each when I asked how much were books, but said "sure" when I offered 25 cents if I bought them all. I bought 26 for $6.50. Great condition, no writing on inside or tears. Yay!! Brenna will look through and see what she can use for her classroom and the rest I'll sell. 

 That's all for that 1st weekend of vacation. My sister-in-law Polly went with me this past Saturday and I will show you our finds in the next post. 
Hope you all had a fun 4th of July and maybe found some bargains for yourself.