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Sunday, July 13, 2014

NY Thrifting Round 2

On my second weekend in the Catskills I didn't hold out much hope for yard sales on a holiday weekend (4th of July) so I was surprised by a sale just down the road from where we are staying. My sister-in-law, Polly and I had only an hour to find the place and shop before we had to get back to attend an event at 10am. We were up for the task.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to find 2 sales instead for the one advertized. The house up the road decided to "piggyback" on the advertised sale. We were happy to shop at both.

The prices at the first sale were either priced high or low. So I went with the lower priced items; like this brass porthole mirror. It is very heavy, and not terribly large, approximately 18" in diameter. As you can see from the sticker, great price.


I know, I know, another child's life preserver! I can't stop! But again, like new condition, Coast Guard approved, it will come in handy down at the beach. And again, the price was right.

Life preserver: $3

Polly found a few items at the first sale as well and then we jumped back in the car to the 2nd sale. Which was a very long drive from the first one. The house and property was set waaaay off the driveway and then on to the big lean to where the sale was set up.
There was one great big table set up with just tools and equipment. I looked through it all but don't know much about value or condition so I moved on to the next area

Tool table!

which was under the lean to. Pretty big, isn't it?!! Lots of stuff, and I was surprised to learn they had been selling the day before as well so no telling how much stuff I missed! However most of what they had I couldn't use or had room for. But Polly and I used every moment of our allotted time to scan thoroughly the goods.

I picked up this box of vintage ornaments. I have a friend who likes vintage Christmas things and I'll let her go through and pick what she likes. I myself am partial to the indented ones and I especially the pink and green ones.


Box of ornaments: $2

Don't ask why I bought a bolt cutter. Just don't. Maybe it was one tool I could identify and the $5 tag I knew was a good deal. Actually I needed to use one a couple of weeks ago to cut a key chain (long story, no, I'm not telling), and I will see if my nephew could use an extra one. If not, I'll try selling it. It's not exactly a tool that would be used much at my house.

Pre worked/completed cross stitch and crewel projects. Why did I buy these? I think I can sell on Ebay but not sure if they'll sell. But for 25 cents, I picked up them up and taking a chance. Maybe some crafty person out there can make a pillow or frame them. Nice work though.

Owls. I have a soft spot in my heart for owls. This stone carved figurine is medium size, approximately 6 inches tall. Rather hefty and could be used as a bookend. No marking on the bottom and I'll probably sell it unless a friend or family member has a spot in their home for an owl.

Wooo wants this owl? Paid $1

Those were my finds. Polly's finds include this old watering can for her sister's house and the box of books was only $5 for the whole thing! She kindly let me pick through and remove 5 easy readers for Hugh and the rest she'll send to her daughter Mary, the teacher in New Orleans I have sent books to as well.

Box of books: $5. Ironstone watering can: $3

She picked up some other treasures including a metal side table for the porch here at Merriewold. Needs a coat of paint to match the wicker furniture but it's a perfect size and comes in handy. It was I think $3.

We made it back in time at 10 am and I dropped Polly off at the door. I was happy to have another annual yard sale excursion with her. Wish we lived closer and could do it more often.

Steve and I have a couple more days left before we head back to NC. And yes, we will be here on Saturday so I am definitely checking out the lady who's having a moving sale I went to the first Saturday of our vacation. And then goodbye cool temps and woods. Back to the South, hot, humid, but the ice tea will be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, happy bargain hunting and picking'.

Thrifty Christy